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PJ#64 - Labour & Delivering the Terror

7 Feb 2011 (Mon) - I finally have some time to blog about my labour and delivery experience. Why? Cos Mdm Poh and Kitty brought the terror to test her jaundice level. This is gonna be a very long post. Heed my warning.

CNY Eve (2 Feb)...

11.30pm: Left the house for TMC. It was drizzling. We fe
lt like we were going away on holiday, lol.

CNY Day 1 (3 Feb)...

12.10am: Reached TMC. For once there were many parking lots available!

12.15am to 1am:

Checked-in at the nurse station. Was led to the labour ward (they call it "Observation Room" and I changed into a hospital gown. Was strapped onto the CTG machine for a while to check C's heart beat. C kept moving in her home and the nurse h
ad to keep shifting the "sensor". I think C must have been feeling excited. Or pissed at being disturbed in the middle of the night.

The nurse checked my blood pressure and then shaved my vulva area. I'm thankful she didn't shave me bald, haha, else I'll itch to death.

The nurse then inserted a bottle of "soapy solution" into my anus to "help me shit".
It was very effective. Barely a minute later, I had a strong urge to visit the loo. I was told to hold on for 5 mins. I was like "HUH??? But I feel like shitting now!!!" So
I waited for
an agonising 5mins until I could no longer bear it and made a beeline for the toilet. I managed to hold on for another minute or so before everything came out. I wish I had this during my pregnancy. Then I wouldn't have such a tough time
with constipation, haha! I washed up to get ready for the drip.


I was put on drip. Made known to as many nurses as possible that my pain threshold is super low and can they please be gentle in whatever they do to me? I was put on the d
rip (aka induction) and the nurse quickly gave me the epidural consent form so that I could sign it before the pain comes in, haha. I signed the form without hesitation. It was not my intention to "geh kiang" and bear with the pain. I wanted as painless a labour as possible. I wanted to have a sm
ooth delivery so that I will not have phobia to give C a sibling in fu
ture, haha.

I was not allowed to visit the toilet after putting on the drip. I was also not allowed any food and drink. Only sips of water was allowed lest I throw up cos of the drugs. Scaredy me only allowed Kitty to wet my lips from time to time. I w
as determined not to make my life miserable with possible puking.

I had to pee. For the first time in my life, I used a bedpan. I hated i
t, but no choice. Was bored and read my Sweet Valley book (HAHA). Luckily there was a curtain around the bed, so no one saw me reading such a "childish" book (childish for a 26 year old lah).


Still waiting for contractions to set in. Super bored co
s I didn't dare move muc


Continued to wait but I started to feel occasional slight discomfort in on the left side of my tummy.

4.05am to 4.40am:

Frequent bearable pains on the left side. The nurse said contractions are starting but the pain may be due to my position (I was lying more on one side) or the baby
kicking. I was not very convinced. I didn't like feeling discomfort of any sort.


Another nurse came in and confirmed that I was having contractions. They were more on the left side cos joker C was turning towards the left. There was a very high and big bulge on the left side of my tummy. Like a small mountain. Her butt??? I quickly requested for epidural to be administered.


The nurse did a VE (vagina examination) for me. My cervix has opened to 2cm ONLY. Have I mentioned how much I hated VEs???

5.10am to 6am:

I needed the bedpan again. Was transfered from the observation room to the birthing room as they needed more space to administer the epidural. I was sur
prised that the doctor arrived so quickly - within half an hour! The doctor and nurse were very kind and reassuring. I was made to curl up like a worm with my back facing them. A super cold solution was sprayed onto my back before the needle went in. Surprisingly it was not as painful as I thought it would be. The nurse later told me that the needle and syringe were actually kinda big thats why they didn't let me see it. I think I would have fainted if I saw, lol. I was th
en put on a hydration drip too. So I had the induction and hydration drips on the left, and the epidural machine on the right.

Birth Room:

All hooked up:


After administering the epidural, there was nothing much to do except to wait for the cervix to dilate to 10cm before I can start pushing. There was a TV in each birthing room, so I watched a bit of TV. There was also a comfortabl
e arm chair for the husband lest his knees buckle during the popping process. I got bored of watching TV
after a while and asked Kitty to take photos of the surrounding area.

TV to entertain me during the long wait:

The comfy black arm chair is for fathers with weak knees, haha

The nurse strapped me on the CTG machine again and this time, the blood pressure thing was strapped onto my right arm for good. It was supposed to automatically take my blood pressure every 30mins.


I was numb from the waist down and couldn't feel any pain. I could still move my legs though. Its like I could feel anything but pain. My bladder was also numb and I couldn't feel the urge to urinate. I could however feel the drops of urine coming out and I had no control over it.


A urine catheter was inserted into my vagina area to collect urine. It was the first time in my life I had a urine catheter inserted. The epidural made everything inserted painless and I was happy, haha. I Facebook-ed a lot to complain about boredom.


Dr K came in and burst my water bag. My cervix had dilated to 3-4cm and I had contractions every 3mins. No, I didn't feel any pain. By then, I had already finished one Sweet Valley book.


Dr K came to check on me again and this time my cervix had
dilated to 7cm. There was also some show (blood) and he said everything was looking good. I probably had to wait another 3-4hrs and baby would be out by 2pm. C was also shifting in her home and kept turning/shifting towards the left.


I think the "soapy solution" was not enough to clear my bowels, cos I felt myself farting and watery poo auto coming out. So pai seh.


Kitty went to have an early lunch. I was bored to tears and continued Facebook-ing.


I felt some discomfort on the right side of my tummy. It was then we discovered that the tubing for the epidural had come off! We alerted the nurse and asked her to reconnect the tube. She said it will probably take another 15mins for the epidural to start flowing into the system.


The discomfort on the right side got more and
more unbearable. I felt strong pressure on my right pelvic area. The midwife said thats because the baby was going down further. She purged the remaining epidural from the syringe and replaced it with a new one. My cervix had dilated to about 8-9cm by then. I was feeling more kan cheong by then cos I was afraid of pain and was worried that the epidural "wouldn't work". I mean, I have heard of that happening to some people. I started tearing a bit. So pai seh.


The nurse set my epidural to the highest dosage. The original was set at "8". The maximum was "15". By then, the pressure at the pelvic area was very strong and I had to practice deep breathing. The nurse assured me that the pressure I felt was "normal", and guaranteed that I would not feel any pain during delivery. Kitty tried to calm me down.


I had mixed feelings. On one hand, I wished that my cervix would quickly dilate to 10cm and I could get the delivery process over and done with. On the other hand, I was also scared of the heavy pressure I was feeling at the pelvic area. I mean, if the pressure was already that strong then, wouldn't it be worse when its time to pop??


I felt my legs feeling numb again with the increased dosage of epidural and felt myself feeling happier - the epidural was working again. Now I don't feel much pain, only the pressure of C's head, but it was much more bearable than before.


The nurse confirmed that my cervix had dilated to 9cm.


I was given oxygen. Can't exactly remember why, but breathing in oxygen made me feel more calm and I found it easier to bear with the pressure of C's head pres
sing against the pelvic area.


The nurses got me ready for pushing! They sat me up and placed my legs on the stirrups. I started to feel a bit excited! The joker would be coming out soon!

Although the pushing was painless, it was extremely tiring. Really. Very exhausting. The midwife instructed me to take a deep breath at the peak of each set of contraction (she was able to see from the chart on the machine), hold it, and push with all my might for 10secs. I had to tilt my c
hin forward and use my arms to pull back my inner thighs at the same time. I
had to do this 3 times in a row. That was considered as ONE set.

Meaning to say, after the first push of each set, I had to get ready for the 2nd and 3rd pushes almost immediately. It was very exhausting because I didn't even have time to take in another deep breath before I had to push again. It was very hard holding my breath for 10secs and having to push really hard (like trying to shit with all your might) at the same time. Worse, the midwife only started counting down when I had already held my breath for a few seconds. I felt like my face was going to burst, lol. I was only allowed to "relax" after the 3rd push and I was literally gasping for air. It was extremely exhausting. Thankfully I had about 3-4mins after each set to gather my energy and strength.

My right arm ached badly because of the blood pressure thing that was strapped onto it, and the nurse removed it for me. I didn't have much energy to pull at my inner thighs and Kitty had to help me. I was so tired that I couldn't help tearing again. No, it wasn't painful, but like I said, super tiring and my right arm ached like mad whenever I had to push. Kitty had to keep massaging my arm for me.


I can't remember how many sets of pushing I had done b
y then but Kitty exclaimed that he saw a bit of C's head (the hair) when I was pushing! That gave me renewed strength. I was starting to feel more excited!


Pushed until C's head was now lower than the previous position!

1.25pm to 1.43pm:

Dr K came into the birthing room. Continued pushing. There was a problem. C's head kept pushing towards the left side! Dr said,"Naughty baby! Hurry up!" Haha! After a couple of pushes, C remained stubbornly at the left side. Dr K said they were going to give me some "help". The "help" came in the form of manual pushing of my tummy, hoping that C would shift more towards the center where she was supposed to come out from. The fella refused to budge.

Dr K made the episiotomy cut. I didn't feel anything cos I was on epidural. C's head was seen! The next 2-3 pushes were crucial. I remember everyone chorusing "PUSH!!!" and I pushed with all my might. Then very quickly, another PUSH!!!!! but this time, the shouting was very loud and then suddenly I heard "BABY IS OUT!!!!!!!!" I was like "HUH?????????"

Before I could say anything else, I saw the naked newly born C and heard soft cries! Very quickly, she was transfered onto my tummy and they used something to suck out the mucus from her mouth. C then kicked me on the chin, that joker! She then let out a shrill cry, scaring me! Waited for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating and Kitty performed the "ribbon cutting" ceremony, haha. It took him 2 tries to cut the cord. The nurse then whisked her off to be weighed. C weighed 3.09kg! Time of delivery was 1343.

Kitty cut the cord and the newly born terror was screaming like mad:

Newly born terror:

Super tired:

3.09kg at birth. She looks like a turkey or chicken here huh?

Head circumference 33cm. She looked so angry.

Length at birth: 49cm

Peeping at the world:

I remember lying back feeling exhausted. The placenta came out very quickly in a piece and Dr K sewed up the episiotomy cut. The nurse asked if I would like to keep the placenta and I said No. She also asked if I wanted to touch the placenta. I said no at first, and she said,"Oh its very nice to touch leh". I changed my mind, haha. I mean, how often do I get a chance to touch a placenta right? She gave me a glove and I touched the placenta. Its like a very big piece of liver, wahahahahaha! It was warm and I also touched the umbilical cord for fun.

C was the 11th CNY baby born at TMC and we got a hamper! Free tins of milk powder, baby items, diapers, CNY goodies..etc. Not bad!


C was placed next to me on the gurney and we were wheeled to the 6th floor where the ward and nursery are located. C was whisked off to be cleaned and warmed, and I was brought to my room. I was bedridden for the rest of the day.


I feel I am very fortunate. Fortunate in the sense that I entered pregnancy fearing the worst but it was not as bad as I anticipated. I think I am very blessed. Blessed as our God has been with us throughout the past nine months, blessing us richly in so many areas such as good health, stable finances, granting us a smooth and safe delivery, a healthy baby, people who care about us and pray for us...etc. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your well-wishes, prayers, gifts and advices. We really appreciate them!

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  1. Hi, I came across your blog while searching for birth stories as i'm giving birth soon.

    All along i thought we will be given laxative to eat for clearing bowels, didn't know it is through anus. how was the procedure like and is it very painful? Thanks a lot!