Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PJ#155 - 17 Months 3 Weeks Updates

24 Jul 2012 (Tues) - C is 17 months 3 weeks old today!

Brought C to the salon today to trim her hair as her fringe was too long and irritating her. She was absolutely quiet and extremely cooperative. She hardly moved, allowing the hair stylist to trim her hair. She got her rare treat - some cartoons on iPhone. I think she must be secretly wishing she gets to cut her hair more often, lol. When asked who cut her hair, C said "jie jie", haha.

C is a happy girl today cos she has new toys and books. Mdm Yik bought them for her. The cooking set really resembles real ones, so nice! C likes it a lot. She pretends to cook the poor fish and then pretended to feed it, haha!

About C:

C is getting better at filling the blanks, haha.

Another one:

These days, C likes to play ball a lot. We play ball by throwing it back and forth. She throw it to me, I throw it to her.

C also likes to take our mobile phones and pretend to make calls, haha.

C is a very affectionate person. She will automatically lean forward to kiss us, or pull our faces towards her face and kiss us. So sweet.

C can express herself in simple ways. An example:

C: *scrunch her face* 痛痛! pain pain!
Mdm Yik: Where pain pain?
C: *pointing at her injection site which is already more than 1 week old* pain pain!
Mdm Yik: Oh the injection site is painful huh? Did you cry?
C: *scrunch up her face and made fake crying sounds*
Mdm Yik: Is that how you cry?
痛痛! pain pain! baby ngeh ngeh... *scrunch up her face and pretend to cry again* then 怕怕 (scared scared) *patting her chest* 

Oh, C also knows the difference between her leg, foot and toes. When quizzed, she points at the correct body parts.

When C was just beginning to walk independently, she would hold onto my hand obediently when walking. Now that she is stable, she usually refuses to hold onto our hands and insists on roaming around. Its like new found freedom you know? The gleam in her eyes the moment she is set on her feet is evident. However, I decided that she needs to be trained to hold hands so this week, I started to hold her hands whenever we are outside, especially in shopping malls where they are crowded. She refused at first and kept struggling to free her hand. I also insisted by carrying her up when she refused to let me hold her hand. After a few tries, she resigned herself to her fate and obediently holds my hand, haha.

It has always been a mystery how come C gains weight when cared for by Mdm Yik but loses some weight when cared for by me. The milk intake is the same, and she has 6 meals a day, no change. I finally found out why this week. Stupid me! While it occured to me to increase her milk intake as she grows older, it didn't occur to me to increase her porridge intake! While Mdm Yik has already served her 4Tbsp of rice grains for her porridge feed, I remained at giving her only 2Tbsp of rice grains per porridge meal! Similarly, Mdm Yik has increased the amount of vegetables and fish in each serving of porridge but I did not! From this comparison, I have actually given C only HALF the total amount of porridge per meal! No wonder she always seem to slim down a bit after being cared for by me espcially during the week the Low Clan went to Japan! Now I know why. Kind of stupid of me not to have realized that a growing child needs more food and nutrients. I shall increase her porridge feed to the same as what Mdm Yik is giving her.

23 Jul 2012 (Mon) - I like Instagram. Or rather, I like the effects.

22 Jul 2012 (Sun) -
 Its been a long time since I let C wear this top. Better let her wear it before she grows out of it, haha.

Went to Marina Square. There is a big NDP floating platform structure made of Lego and people can purchase a pair of customised Lego figurines for $5 to put on the "seats" of the Lego floating platform. One to put onto the structure, one to bring home as keepsake. On one hand, Lego can build up its brand name, and on the other hand, make lots of money from the sale of figurines. Smart huh? Kitty wanted to buy one pair for fun, but we ended up purchasing 3 pairs as we felt it is more meaningful to have our whole "family" attending the Lego NDP parade, haha.

That's us!

We were supposed to attend HM and WK's newborn baby shower today but no thanks to Google Maps, we lost our way for a good 30mins and I was so peeved. We got so fed-up that we ended up making our way back to Jurong Point and bought a GPS system for the car, lol.

21 Jul 2012 (Sat) - I baked banana cake today! This is my second attempt at baking a cake from scratch. My first was marble cake months ago. Heart pain cos I forgot all about the time and the bottom of the cake was burnt. It was beautifully black and I had to scrap off the charred layer. Taste wise is quite nice though!

Celebrated Mil's birthday in advance today. We went to BHG to shop for her present and ended up buying a handbag for her. Went to Liang Court to walk-walk before the dinner. We had dinner at Swissotel Merchant Court.

20 Jul 2012 (Fri) - 
After losing some weight last week from her illness, C has regained the weight again. I found out today that she can eat half an apple at 2.30pm, finish half a bowl of porridge (as tea break) at 3.40pm AND drink 200ml of milk at 4.30pm before she goes for her afternoon nap!! How not to gain weight?? But then again, I rather she eats. More worrying if she doesn't eat well, isn't it?

Poor C. She fell down the sofa head first. Must be super painful cos she cried badly. I hope it won't make her stupid. Mdm Yik said it wouldn't. I shall quiz C these few days see if she can remember all the things we have taught her. Spelling, numbers...etc.

The photo on the left shows a sulky C after she calmed down from the fall.

19 Jul 2012 (Thurs) - Really feel like smacking Kitty sometimes. He made C agitated just before bedtime last night and as expected, joker woke up in the middle of the night crying. Transfered her onto our bed and she tossed and turned. In the end, Kitty had to give her a bottle of milk at 6am to shut her up and hopefully make her sleep. However, as I had to prepare for work and had to go in and out of the room, C sprang up wide awake. In the end, we had to let her wake up for good. Put her in the high chair and let her self-entertain while we prepared for work.

A rainy day today and the rain stopped just when I wanted to go jogging. Feels so shiok.

C is really affectionate. She loves kissing me, haha.

Simon Ng's medicine is really powerful. Totally no more mucous! Shall let her take the medicine one more day tomorrow and then stop it. I love Simon Ng, haha!

18 Jul 2012 (Wed) - I mentioned in my last entry that C's running nose sort of worsened suddenly yesterday night. Brought her to see Simon Ng this morning. I think Simon Ng's prescription is really effective for C. While the running nose medicine I gave her for the past week did absolutely nothing to improve her condition, Simon's medicine stopped all mucous after I gave her the afternoon dose! I requested for an extra bottle of the running nose syrup for standby. He also has this amazing orange powder medicine that works wonders for C and this time, I bought a whole box to standby, haha.

Such a coincidence that my long-time-no-see friend, Peck Ling, also brought her baby girl to see Simon Ng! Went to IMM for lunch after that with Mdm Yik.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PJ#154 - 17 Months 2 Weeks Updates

17 Jul 2012 (Tues) - C is 17 months 2 weeks old today!

Home alone with C today. It is getting increasingly hard to get C to nap these days and today is no different. She only fell asleep 1 hour after milk, and only napped for 1 hour, lol. So difficult to EXPEL her energy, lol. After finishing her porridge no more than 30mins, she pooped. 

JP must be really small. Went to JP for lunch and saw Grace with kids. I had fish slice noodle soup for lunch. I spent the last few days trying this at the different food courts at JP. Conclusion: The one at Banquet is still the best. As usual, I shared my noodles with C.

Oh, back to saying about JP being really small. After lunch, we bumped into Mdm Yik! Ended up walking around JP with her, buying stationeries for C at Popular, groceries at NTUC....etc. By the time we were done it was 5pm and time for C's feed, so we went back to the Low Clan's where I fed C before bringing her home. C fell asleep within half an hour upon reaching home. She must have been really tired, lol.

Sian. Though C is 90% recovered, I don't have any more medicine for her. That means we will have to visit Simon Ng again tomorrow to get more medicine. This running nose medicine from the other clinic when Simon Ng was away is not as effective as Simon Ng's prescription. Although she has very little mucous (sometimes don't have), but it hasn't stop yet. I dislike the thought of the home not having any flu medicine.


I have never managed to cook C's porridge well with egg until today. Mdm Yik usually prepares C's porridge over the stove and she would crack in an egg before feeding time. Somehow, the porridge is always nice and smooth. It looks yummy. Thus, I tried to create the same by cracking in an egg into her porridge using the slow cooker (I always use the slow cooker to cook her porridge). To my horror, the porridge became very soupy! I tried doing this 2-3 times and still got the same soupy effect, very disgusting, but C lapped it all up. I wonder if the method of cooking makes a difference so today, I transferred C's porridge from the slow cooker to a pot and warmed it up over  the stove. I added an egg and to my surprise, it did not make the porridge watery! In fact, it made the porridge slightly thicker, and it was smooth and looked nice! Conclusion: To get nice porridge with egg, do not use a slow cooker.

P.S. I do not know how to cook porridge over the stove, so I still cook it using the slow cooker. It is only when I want to add egg for her then I will transfer the cooked porridge into a pot over the stove. Takes less than 5mins to get the egg cooked anyway.

About C:

C can say 1 to 10 when we spell out the numbers to her! For example, "O-N-E", and she will say "1". I was very surprised as I didn't know she is able to recognize the numbers through spelling. Mdm Yik was equally surprised. Surprised that I didn't know C has been able to do this for quite some time already. Haiz...another thing that I have failed to observe.

C is getting increasingly good at filling in the blanks. An example:

I had a little nut _____, nothing would it _______
But a silver nutmeg and a golden _______

Answer: tree, bear, pear.

Another example:

Simple Simon wants to buy a ______.
The pie man said no money no chicken pie.
Simple Simon _____.

Answer: pie, cry.

C has a mind of her own. She doesn't just accept any books. She will want to read certain books with Mdm Yik, and certain books when with me. She also knows when she wants to bring a toy to her bath, and when she doesn't want any. She knows when she wants to defecate into the potty, and when she prefers to pee in the diaper.

C is able to built structures using Mega Bloks. This is something surprising cos she seldom plays with Mega Bloks.

It has come to my observation this week that C knows how to switch on/off the standing fan in the living room! It is really amusing to see her switching on the fan first thing when 1) she reaches home or 2) she just woke up and wants to sit down at the playmat to read or play. Just like a little adult!

For some unknown reason, C likes her toy pear very much. For the past one month or so, she has been carrying it around the house and making us eat it.

We brought C to the library for the second time this week. It was enjoyable and she likes it. Shall bring her there more often!

Yay, C has been confirmed a place at Summer Montessori! The only problem is, the school will be relocated to Jurong East coming end of the year. That means Mdm Yik will have to send C all the way to JE if we want C to continue her playgroup education there. I was thinking of letting her attend Summer Montessori from 20 to 30 months, then transfer her to the nearby PCF (only 30 months and above) after that. A friend told me that PCF at 662B is the next best after Summer Montessori for our area. We'll see how it goes.

Vocabulary list (able to identify by spelling and saying): 1 to 10, all the colours except yellow and orange that she cannot pronounce correctly but she can identify by pointing, pig, wolf, big, good, girl, boy, ball, daddy, mummy, popo, gong gong, Claris, bed, hand, God, Jesus, Bible, pray, moon, sun, star, egg, car, dog, cat...etc. I can't recall all. I will add on to the list in future posts. I am so proud of her! We are very lucky C usually manage to memorize something after only 1 or 2 times that we tell her. I think babies have excellent memories!

16 Jul 2012 (Mon) -  Mdm Yik is sick, so Kitty had to look after C for the day. Somehow, the porridge he cooked became watery. Thankfully, C still ate it all, despite it looking kinda disgusting. When I got home, Kitty was in the room with C trying to make the joker sleep. After almost an hour and she was still making noise cos she didn't want to sleep, I went into the room. C kept saying "mama mama" and came towards me. The moment I sat down on the mattress, she came over to hug me and planted kisses on my mouth, so sweet, haha. When I was lying on the mattress pretending to be asleep, again she came over and kissed my hair, forehead, cheeks, mouth...etc. Such a sweet thing.

Went to JP for dinner. Joker fell asleep while we were having dinner. Went to NTUC and bought ingredients for banana cake. I shall see if I have the mood to bake banana cake this coming weekend, lol. I am on childcare leave tomorrow and Wednesday. :D

15 Jul 2012 (Sun) - 
Didn't go churching today cos 1) didn't want C to spread her germs to the other kids and 2) don't want others to spread her their germs. Since the weather was good and Kitty needed to train for his IPPT, we went to the stadium for a while in the morning. I managed to run 2 rounds. C was happy to walk around, though she didn't like the hot weather. I don't think she is an outdoorsy person. Neither am I. The plan was to EXPEL her energy, haha. Back at home, after a nice bath and a big bottle of milk, she fell asleep not long after. :)

We went to Gardens by the Bay in the afternoon. The weather was very hot at first with a bit of drizzle but thankfully the rain stopped after a while and in place, the weather was nice and cooling. C had a wonderful time roaming around the place. Before we got to the payable areas, I was already tired and decided to call it a day. C was very happy. I don't think I have seen her walk so much at any one time. Photos here will be big.

Went to Vivo for dinner. Very tired. Not looking forward to school tomorrow!

14 Jul 2012 (Sat) -
I cooked lunch today. Fried fish with dark sauce, broccoli with pork and chicken soup (for the soul, haha).

Wanted to go the Gardens by the Bay today but it was raining the whole day from morning till evening! In the end, we decided to bring C to the library. The last time I brought C to the library was when she was 2 months old. We went there to apply a library card for her. While she slept in the Mini Monkey sling while I pretended to read a book to her 15 months ago, now she is old enough to roam the library premises by herself, happily searching for books that she likes. 

She was very well-behaved, quietly walking around the tables and shelves, picking out books that she likes and bringing them to me. She also sat down on the little chair for some time reading. Reason why we decided to bring her to the library now is because I realise recently, she has been reading at least 5 books a night and as a result, we have been repeating the same narration almost every other day. While she is not sick of reading the same books (and she has a lot), we are sick of reading out loud the same stories. Thus, the word "library" came to mind. New books to read to C, and FOC too! We shall bring her to the library more often.
 We ended up borrowing 10 books.

Had dinner at Lai Lai again. The $28++ set for two is quite value for money as we can choose any drinks on the menu. Kitty chose the most expensive drink which turned out to be diluted coffee, haha. My honey pearl milk tea was very nice though. C was in the high chair and dozed off! Joker refused to nap in the day again. Putting her to bed during the day is so difficult. I wonder why Mdm Yik is able to make her sleep so easily over at the Low Clan's.

13 Jul 2012 (Fri) - 
Mdm Yik is sick, so I brought C home at 3pm. Our dear girl finished a big bottle of milk at 4.30pm, defecated at 4.45pm, and refused to sleep. All the way till past 6pm and she still refused to sleep! I let her out of the room after that. Don't want to waste my aircon, lol.

Mega Bloks is something that C seldom play with. The only thing she plays with is the Dora figurine from the set. We know that she is able to assemble one block on top of another, from the last time we played with her, think it was 1 or 2 months ago? Today, she shocked me by building some structures. That is block after block she constructed, and it was very tall! All along she has only assembled one or two blocks and got bored and stopped! Yet today, she not only built two tall structures, she even built a "house" for Hello Kitty and Dora! She put Hello Kitty in the middle of the structure with "flowers", then bent down and kissed it, haha. The video I managed to take shows one of the structures she built, not the tallest one.

12 Jul 2012 (Thurs) -
C was so sweet last night. I didn't kiss her goodnight for the past few nights as I am sick. Somehow she feels something is missing. Sometimes, she will crawl to me on the bed and try to kiss my face. Last night, she literally hovered above my face and without warning, planted two large kisses on my mouth! Awwwww...

According to Mdm Yik, C's running nose got worse in the morning but thank God her fever didn't return. When I got home in the evening, surprisingly, Mdm Yik reported that C's nose has stopped leaking! Yay!

I called Simon Ng during the day and his staff said she will get him to return my call. At 5.05pm, after his clinic closed for the day (5pm), he returned my call. He explained that while the flu jab may cause slight fever, it doesn't cause running nose. So poor C must have gotten it from me before her flu jab. He said that there is no cause of worry unless she has fever for 4 days, or vomiting, else the running nose should go away within 10 days. I heaved a sigh of relief at his words. I feel thankful that we have found a good PD for C, albeit a bit far (Mt A). Anyway, many thanks to the people who have been praying for C's recovery and of course, not forgetting our dear Lord's blessing!

C likes to put coins into her Hello Kitty coin bank. I usually give her whatever loose change I have.

11 Jul 2012 (Wed) -
C has slight fever and running nose today. She was very cranky and whiny first half of the day. Her fever broke after that and her mood improved a lot. I just pray this isn't the kind of fluctuating fever she had last month which lasted 4 days. Then again, Simon Ng (PD) did say that the fever from the jab may last from 1-3 days. Sianz. I hope her running nose will stop soon, before we run out of medicine and have to make another dreaded trip to MT A this Saturday.

The pic on the left shows a happier C after her fever broke. I drew a face on her doodle board and joker immediately recognized it to be "daddy!", haha!

Mdm Yik is a bit sick too. Sianz. Despite all my masking efforts and frequent washing of hands, the bug still managed to find new owners. Sickening.