Monday, February 19, 2018

PJ#567 - 12th to 18th February 2018

About the kids:

I feel very proud of C this week as she was very well-behaved and obliging during CNY. She even sat at the dining table by herself eating her dinner among 7 other relatives whom she didn't know. I had expected her to make noise or complain, but she didn't.

Clara is very very sticky to Mdm Yik these days. She would keep asking when we can go to popo's house.

Clara fell sick on Sunday. Fever and running nose. Haiz. The good thing is, she only started on CNY Day 3 after we got home from church, and Monday is a school holiday for kids.

Amusing conversation:

Clara to dad: I am feeling a little bit upset because you don't let me play with the playdoh.

Its amusing cos she is able to express her feelings very well!

18 Feb 2018 (Sun) - CNY Day 3!

Church in the morning. Clara was very sticky to Mdm Yik and wanted to follow her to Chinese service, so she did, lol.

Went to JEM for lunch and Clara was so excited to see the God of Fortune who gave them chocolate gold coins.

Went to Sephora and bought a bottle of Rose deep hydrating toner from FRESH. $69. Heart pain. It has a really lovely rose fragrance though, with rose petals inside the bottle. Made with all natural ingredients too.

Sephora had a lion dance show and the kids were very fascinated with it!

I never like steamboat cos it never fails to give me a headache after each session cos of heat and stuffiness. We always have it once a year in our house though. Reasons being....

- We bought a mini steamboat eons ago. Must put it to use every year else it will seh kor.
- Steamboat is a Chinese tradition
- I want to use the pretty red CNY bowls that I redeemed from John Little years ago

So, we had steamboat for dinner today, lol. Tomorrow is a non-school day anyway, so the kids can sleep late. I had the aircon and fan blasting right in my direction!

17 Feb 2018 (Sat) - CNY Day 2!

Took photos as usual before setting off.

Wore the reverse side of my earrings today!

The only house we visited today was to my grandma's house for lunch. Didn't manage to really take photos except those of the kids, lol.

Went to River Hong Bao after that. I like that the God of Fortune looks so much happier this year, and I like its dancing pose, lol.

The CNY decor at Marina Square is nice! Best of all, we could take photos in the comfort of aircon, out of the sweltering heat.

Bought a new pair of shoes! Don't know why I bought it, but well, I think it looks nice!

Had dinner at Javier's (Suntec). C is good. Now that she is older, she eats a lot more and makes our money worth it, wahahahhahaa! She ate 4 bowls of mac and cheese, chicken, and watermelon. Clara ate mainly corn and chicken.

16 Feb 2018 (Fri) - Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

The day didn't exactly start out right. Bad things come in threes.

1) Aircon leak
2) Clara spilt a cup of milk on the floor and we had to clean up the big mess
3) Something that I don't want to disclose, lol.

Some family photos:

Our first stop of the day was lunch at the Low Clan's. I always look forward to the vegetarian dishes that Mdm Yik cook once a year.

Second stop of the day was to 大姨's house.

Last stop of the day was dinner at Hotberry.

By the end of the day, both kids were so tired, wahahhhaha!

15 Jan 2018 (Thurs) - The kids celebrated CNY in their respective schools today!

It's C's first time celebrating CNY in primary school and the celebration included performances at the hall as well as dancing.

As for Clara, the children brought two mandarin oranges to exchange with their friends and sampled CNY goodies.

Cooked bak kut teh for lunch today using the Shun Fa spices pack that I bought from JB. It is really very close to the original, so happy! I put in the same ingredients which include pork ribs, enoki, button mushrooms, garlic and tau kee. Added four chicken drumsticks for the girls.

Reunion dinner at Hotberry in the evening.

14 Feb 2018 (Wed) - Clara and friends celebrated Valentine's Day in school today!

Went to NTUC this morning and thankfully it wasn't too scary. Cooked a combi of shitake and enoki today and Clara was so happy, wahahahhaa!

Reunion with the Low Clan's today at Long Ji Restaurant. The food was really good, especially the crab bee hoon!

13 Feb 2018 (Tues) - I really like seeing the girls hold hand.

Packed the kids off to the Low Clan's in the evening and went to JEM and Westgate to shop while waiting for him to knock off. Spent $100 on a tube of primer and a bottle of setting spray at Sephora. My first time buying cosmetic stuff there and I am so grateful to one of the staff who patiently guided me through the skincare and make-up steps suitable for my skin. I am always very confused on the many products in the market, so she was really helpful.

Celebrated Valentine's Day today!

He bought flowers for me! My #36 bouquet from him, lol.

I wanted a new pair of earrings, and already had my eye on a lovely pair of reversible earrings at Swarovski, so he went to pay, wahahahahhhaa! $179 for two-sides, so worth it! I also like that the backing is made of titanium cos my ears have always been a lil sensitive to cheapo metals. It comes with 2 year warranty on the crystals too.

Decided to try out the beauty collagen chicken pot (Tsukada Nojo) that Mdm Yik had recommended before and it was soooooooooooo good!!!! The soup was really sooooooooo out of this world!!! Rich and flavourful and the ingredients mixed so well together!

Our waitress, Rin, was really helpful and nice. She enthusiastically helped us take photos and knowing we were celebrating VDay, she even prepared a customised dessert plate for us! She drew the figures herself! See that she even drew specs for him?? Wahahhahhaa!

I am so gonna return. The soup is sooooooo addictive! Not worth to bring the kids though, cos its kinda expensive (they price per head).

12 Feb 2018 (Mon) - Back to school for the kids!

Felt really lazy and decided to just cook a one-pot dish for lunch. This was prepared in 20mins using the Cuckoo!

Sent C to her Chinese class and went to JP to buy myself a pair of funky sneakers. Super happy after two aunties were so surprised to know I am in my 30s with two kids. They thought J and I were in our 20s by our dressing, wahahahhahahaa! I guess its time for a change in style once in a while, thus the funky sneakers. I mean, since when do I wear sneakers right??? Truth is I don't. I wear slippers (Fitflops) though. All the time. LOL.

At night, Clara suddenly carried so many bags, she looked like she was going camping, haha!