Sunday, November 19, 2017

PJ#552 - 13th to 19th November 2017

About the kids:

C's turn to be sick! High fever!

For some unknown reason, Clara really likes to roll about and lie on the cold hard floor, haha.

19 Nov 2017 (Sun) - Did not go to church today cos C still had fever.

He repainted our metal gate and I officially declare that's the last of our home improvement project for the year, yay!!!

Set up the Christmas tree today too, and the girls had fun helping to decorate it.

Lunch for today:

Went to JP for grocery shopping after dinner. Bought C a new pair of Adidas sandals cos hers spoilt. I really like this series of sandals; they are very comfortable and come in many colours. C has been wearing them since she was 1 year old, and now Clara is also wearing the same series, haha.

Settled C's school shoes too! Of so many black school shoes, I still think Adidas is the best in terms of comfort and there is no fabric surface, meaning cleaning would be a breeze (just use wet wipes, wahahhahaha!)! $55 though. It better last at least a year!

It never fails to amuse me how Clara is able to concentrate on falling asleep unlike her sister who would toss and turn for at least 20mins before falling asleep. Here she is, hugging her bear, turning to the side and went into Lala Land almost immediately.

18 Nov 2017 (Sat) - Spent the whole day at home cos C still had pretty high fever. Clara went out with her dad to tabao dinner and they passed by a nice Christmas tree made of plastic bottles and CDs!

This is C at 39.8 degC. She didn't even realise I had slapped on a fever patch on her head!

Put this up in our MBR toilet today!

17 Nov 2017 (Fri) - Clara is 2 years 10 months old today!

C has a fever, so she did not go to school today.

Fetched Clara from school at 10.30am and packed the kids off to the Low Clan's. Settled their lunches then we all went to JP.

Mdm Yik bought C her "graduation present", lol. Clara was asleep, so we chose a beauty set for her. Went to Ya Kun for tea and did grocery shopping after that.

Clara woke up when we were leaving JP and was so excited to learn that popo had a surprise for her, haha. We went to the warehouse sale at Meiji and bought a lot of snacks for the kids.

Back at the Low Clan's, Clara was super happy with her new toy. So happy until it kept her occupied for HOURS! Note that, nothing has ever kept her occupied for more than 45mins! So now we know that anything to do with make-up or nail painting will keep her well entertained for very long! She is really such a big vain pot! She used the toy hair dryer like a pro!

16 Nov 2017 (Thurs) - Sent the kids to school then went to TMC for my checkup. My appointment ended early, and I had about 1.5 hours to spare, so I went to IKEA and shopped alone. I actually enjoy the peace and quiet of shopping alone and since its a weekday morning, there weren't many people. Nice.

15 Nov 2017 (Wed) - C has concert rehearsal today! Pictures show her and Clarisse Tan and her sister Charmaine.

14 Nov 2017 (Tues) - Back to school for Clara but no school for C due to PTC. According to her teachers, Claris is doing well at school, and can see a big jump in a Math. She is able to do her Math with confidence and is very focused. Looks like my training works, haha!

Went to JP with Mdm Yik after lunch for tea at Ya Kun and grocery shopping. I really like the eggs at Ya Kun, haha.

13 Nov 2017 (Mon) - Super tired from yesterday, and only officially woke up at 10.30am! C has no school these two days cos of PTC and I kept Clara at home today.

Cooked one of their favourite pork belly dishes for dinner and Clara liked it so much she licked the plate clean!

Monday, November 13, 2017

PJ#551 - 6th to 12th November 2017

About the kids:

Clara down with high fever this week and missed a few days of school.

12 Nov 2017 (Sun) - Clara woke up well today! Yay!! Brought the kids to the Dinosaur Water Theme Park at KSL. The kids had fun though they didn't want to play on the slides. Checked out after that.

Had lunch at D'Shanghai before heading to AEON Bandar Dato Onn. It's a new AEON and there is a big teddy bear garden! There are many teddy bear structures within the mall too! Super like the supermarket there. The food selection is aplenty and very fresh!

Bought C's white socks at Bata. Super happy cos it cost $4.80 for 3 in a pack!!! In SG, Bata sells a pair for $6.95!!! I bought two sets. SUPER DUPER HAPPY with such a good deal, wahahhaha!

Back to SG after that but the jam at JB side was quite bad. Only cleared customs after 1 hour! Rushed back home and got the kids ready for a Halloween party at Frontier CC. Made them participate in the Best Dressed competition for fun and Clara was so cute! The emcee asked the kids...

Emcee to C: What is your name?
C: Claris
Emcee to C: What about your sister?
C: Clara
Emcee to C: How old are you?
C: 6 and a half years old
Emcee to Clara: How old are you Clara?
Clara (loud and clear): TWO YEARS OLD!
Emcee to Clara: Two years old! And what are you dressed as?
Clara (Loud and clear): A WITCH!!!

It was so amusing to hear her speaking loud and clear with confidence on stage, and the audience went "wah!" wahahahhaha! C played at the games station and Clara asked to go to the haunted house. C refused to go. The haunted house was really pretty scary; the staff really dressed up scarily! I was a lil worried Clara might be scared, but she actually walked through the whole thing unfazed and even waved to the monsters, zombies and ghosts! She even hi-5 to some! Needless to say, they were rather surprised and went "她不怕 leh!" , wahahahhaha!

It was almost 10pm by the time we were finished with the party and quickly hopped over to JP to do grocery shopping. Super tired manx!

11 Nov 2017 (Sat) - It's our 13th Dating cum 9th Wedding Anniversary!!

This year, we spent our anniversary by booking a night at KSL (JB). Had to bring the kids along since its a weekend. I think spending the day out of SG is good. We indulge without feeling the pinch too much, haha!

The jam was bad, and we took 2 hours to clear customs. Made our way to KSL and had lunch at Souper Tang. The girls shared a bowl of braised pork noodles. I really love the caramel beancurd there. It's really smooth!

Brought the girls to have their hair cut and after that, we went to do massage. The kids waited for us to be done and I think they enjoyed themselves pretending to be doing massage too. Checked in after that.

Got to the room and found a lovely bouquet of rainbow coloured baby breath flowers waiting for me!!! Bouquet No.35 from him! Asked C to help us take photos, haha!

Rested for an hour before GRABBING to Taman Sentosa for early dinner at Shun Huat Bak Kut Teh. Really good food!

Back to KSL after that for pedi. I let Clara choose a colour for me and she chose shimmery purple, haha.

Went to SDS Cafe after that and had cake as part of celebration and a nice end to the night.

Anniversary pressies? These were taken in advance. I bought him a Xiaomi A1 (his choice, not mine), and he bought me a iPhone X, wahahahhahaha!

10 Nov 2017 (Fri) - Packed Clara off to the Low Clan's in the morning and went to JP to hunt for my swim shorts. So happy that I managed to get it settled really quickly, haha! Went to fetch C from school after that and brought her to IMM for lunch with her dad.

Rushed home to change and went for her P1 Orientation. Kids these days have everything so nicely done. Even the chairs in the classrooms are colourful! We were also given an Orientation pack which contained magazines and some interesting activities for the kids. There is even a really cool activity cum preparation book for her to personalize and chart her P1 journey!

The kids went to their classrooms to interact with their new classmates and did some classroom activities while parents went to the school hall to be addressed by the principal and thereafter fill up some admin forms.

Clara's fever seem to be spiking upwards, so we brought her to the doctor in the evening. Her fever spiked to a new high of 39.8degC! She was very tired after taking her medication which included antibiotics this time.

9 Nov 2017 (Thurs) - No school for Clara today as she still has fever.

Check out C and her Sylvanian toys! Bought these quite sometime back, but somehow she only start to really appreciate these toys now, lol.

Clara woke up when we sent C to school and I brought her to BL market to buy my lunch. She was so amazed at the wet market with the fruit stalls, haha. Something new for her I guess, since she is so used to going to X'tra. Back at home, she played with C's toys, cos she knows C will probably scream at her for messing up wahahahahhaha!

At the Low Clan's, boy tempted us with $19/kg fresh MSW durians! So after dinner, I packed the girls off home with their dad and together with Mdm Yik and Boy, made our way to Holland V for some lip smacking and deliciously creamy MSW durians! Oh manx, they are sooooooooooo good!

8 Nov 2017 (Wed) - Clara still had fever this morning, so I packed her off to the Low Clan's.

C did not go to school today as she had a dental appointment in the morning at TPY (so far!). Went to consult the dentist about her two upper central incisors which don't seem to erupt out of the gum despite being pretty visible. Thankfully it was nothing serious, probably just tough gums, lol. And looks like she is going to have pretty big front teeth.

Had Zumba in the evening. Jeck and I were a good 50mins early as we sent the kids to Chinese class before that, so we walked two rounds around the tracks, haha.

Back at home, Clara decided to decorate herself!

7 Nov 2017 (Tues) - Clara suddenly developed a fever at night measuring 39.1 degC. Haiz, must be the same virus as her sister's.

6 Nov 2017 (Mon) - Nothing special today. Cooked dinner today. Saba fish, egg with tomatoes and veggies.