Sunday, July 23, 2017

PJ#534 - 17th to 23rd July 2017

About the kids:

Clara has gained a bad habit recently. She learned to just cry loudly without tears whenever she doesn't get what she wants. Must have gotten the whining bug from her sister.

Clara is very funny. She has a friend called "Caitlyn Phang" in school and she conveniently calls the poor girl "胖胖"! It means "fat fat", wahahahhahaha! The poor kid...all she needs is one such joker friend during her primary or secondary school years and she would be stuck with that nick name!

Without her two front teeth, C look kinda strange whenever she smiles for photos.

23 Jul 2017 (Sun) - Church in the morning.

22 Jul 2017 (Sat) - Cooked lunch today! Fried saba fish cos its been a long time since we bought that. Also cooked fried brown rice bee hoon with char siew and bunashimeiji mushrooms, and a plate of cabbage. Used to buy only 1 saba fish to share between both of us, cos C was kinda picky with food when she was younger. Now...I don't care, wahahahhaha! Bought 2 saba fishes this time and I am glad he did (he went marketing) cos Clara likes it a lot and kept asking for more! C also likes it!

Went to IMM for dinner at night and ended up buying C the whole series of The Enchanted Wood. Haiz...if Mdm Yik did not donate away my books, we wouldn't have to spend this money.

21 Jul 2017 (Fri) - The kids celebrated Racial Harmony Day in school today!

C dressed in a Nyonya Kebaya borrowed from Lena's daughter. She looks very pretty! Clara was supposed to wear her baju kurung, but then I found a set of Chinese wear that dad bought for C when she was 1 year old and Clara said she wanted to wear it instead, haha!

C and friends had a potluck buffet at school. We contributed koi jelly.

Clara and friends:

After the kids nap, I let them watch "Shrek" on the TV. Went to JP for dinner.

20 Jul 2017 (Thurs) - Spent the afternoon at the Low Clan's. These days I am too lazy to go to JP in the afternoon.

19 Jul 2017 (Wed) - Supposed to meet HS for lunch today but didn't cos she had something important to see to. So as usual, we went over to the Low Clan's in the afternoon.

18 Jul 2017 (Tues) - Sent the kids to school this morning. Spent the afternoon at the Low Clan's.

17 Jul 2017 (Mon) - Clara turns 2.5 years old today!

C was very obedient today. After school, she came back home and bathed without me nagging. She finished her lunch quickly and did assessment books before taking a nap. Let the girls watch TV after that. They chose to watch "Despicable Me 2".

Sunday, July 16, 2017

PJ#533 - 10th to 16th July 2017

About the kids:

Clara knows how to fake cry now. I think she sees her sister throw tantrums and from there, pick up a skill or two. Haiz.

15 Jul 2017 (Sun) - Church in the morning.

Went to JP for dinner and the girls wanted to ride on Dinomoov.

14 Jul 2017 (Sat) - Went to JB today to replace our two front tires. The jam was bad when we went in - 2 hours! Made the mistake of listening to C to filter to a left-most lane where all cars seem to zoom past us very quickly. Well, they zoomed past us very quickly but came to a stop and the jam at that lane was SUPER DUPER slow cos buses and lorries were also sharing the lane. It was literally like non-moving! Managed to do a quick filter all the way back to the right-most lane else it would probably have taken us 3 hours just to get into JB.

Went to KSL and had lunch at my favourite SDS Cafe. I really like SDS Cafe a lot cos the food is good, ambience is nice and price is cheap. Today happens to be "Members' Day" and quite a selection of main courses were on 50% discount!!! Bakery and cakes were on 20%! We ordered 3 main courses and 2 cakes, the total bill was only S$17!! Did pedi as usual.

The girls bought watches. Clara chose a Disney design watch that has projector features, light and music. C said she is a big girl now and did not want "kiddy designs". She wanted something plain. She chose a lovely red watch with a normal clock face and I like it cos it shows the numbers clearly and also has a round attachment at the top which shows the minutes in multiples of 5. Its a good quality children's watch and cost only S$9.70, super cheap. C is very pleased with her new watch and said she will make a habit of wearing watches from now on. Can use it when she goes to P1 too, she said. We shall see, haha.

AEON as usual after that. The girls went to the arcade to play Pokemon while I had a good 45mins shopping alone in peace. Dined at Souper Tang today. Its comparable to our Crystal Jade and  the food was really good. Pricing is more expensive than the average restaurant but still very affordable in our SG context; about S$7-8 per dish.

13 Jul 2017 (Fri) - Sent Clara to the Low Clan's after school as I needed to go to JP to book our cruise package. Yay we will be going on a 4D3N cruise onboard "Mariner of the Seas" under Royal Carribean! Will be going together with Xinying's family and this time, both sides of grandparents (aka my folks) will be going too. So excited!

Picked C from school and back at the Low Clan's, I made both kids nap immediately after lunch cos we had to go for Frontier Primary's Open House. Vain pot Clara insisted on putting on shades, wahahahha! Bumped into C's classmate Clarisse Tan there too! The girls were very happy and announced they wanted to enroll into Frontier. I really pray hard they can get in, cos this year's vacancies have reduced much! C loves the library, which has the collection of books she loves to read, haha.

Clara did painting in school this week!

12 Jul 2017 (Wed) - Picked C from school and had lunch at JCube with Jeck and XY.

Brought the kids to LOL Playland after that and had dinner at Xin Wang (JEM).

11 Jul 2017 (Tues) - C made me so angry this morning cos she was whining and being so cranky, wasting so much time.

Was supposed to go over to the Low Clan's but last minute did not cos Mdm Yik's water tap burst and she had to repair it. She sent C home and after making her do assessment books and nap, let the girls watch TV. They watched Smurfs and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Went to Pioneer Mall for dinner. Been eons since we went there!

10 Jul 2017 (Mon) - Didn't go to the Low Clan's today.

Brought C for her Chinese class at night and had dinner at JP.