Friday, June 8, 2018

PJ#583 - 4th to 10th Jun 2018

About the kids:

Clara is very cute. She was throwing tantrums on Thursday evening, insisting she wanted to watch TV. I told her to wait till 6.30pm as C was watching TV then, but she cried and refused. I ignored her and continued to cook. Joker continued to cry then suddenly stopped to ask if my hand was okay cos the "fire is very big" and "be careful of your hand since it is so near". Wahahahahhaa! In fact, she continued to cry many times but always stop and ask of my well-being from time to time in super normal tone!

9-10 Jun 2018 (Sat-Sun) - Taiwan! Will post separately~!

8 Jun 2018 (Fri) - Packed C off to the Low Clan's in the morning and sent Clara to school. The kids celebrated Hari Raya in school today!

Went to West Mall Cold Storage with Nancy to spend my $40 vouchers, then went home to continue packing luggage. Don't know why the house seems so dusty, so I did a quick vacuum and mopping of the floor.

Went to JP for lunch with him (work from home) and searched for super thin blankets for the kids. No thanks to Clara's skin, we are bringing our own fitted sheet for the kids' bed in Taiwan. Very almost bought 2 small blankets at B1 NTUC that cost $50, but decided to check out other shops. Went to Xtra, don't have. Decided to just let them use towels as blankets, lol. Walked out of Xtra and saw a new shop and it has exactly what I am looking for - very big muslin cloth!!!!!! Super happy cos I paid only $29 for 2 pieces!!!!! Organic cotton, very soft!

P.S. Used to have 2 of such cloths, but I donated them away last year, lol. Haiz, shouldn't have! They are super lightweight and good for travelling! So thankful to have a dryer at home, can wash and dry in time, yay!

Lovely weather this evening, so the girls had fun swimming again!

7 Jun 2018 (Thurs) - Finally started packing a bit today. Gonna finish off tomorrow and we'll be off on Saturday morning.

Clara said she was tired in the afternoon and wanted to sleep. She adjusted her blanket and well, she slept, whahahahaha!

Clara made a necktie for her dad for Father's Day!

6 Jun 2018 (Wed) - Picked Clara from school and together with Mdm Yik, went to JEM for lunch. Ate at Chir Chir Chicken but too bad Clara dozed off for the next 2 hours, so we packed some in a paper bag for her.

Celebrated dad's 66th birthday at night! Ordered crabs from Shifuge!

5 Jun 2018 (Tues) - Brought C for her dental appointment this morning. Glad her teeth are growing well and in order! C did polishing and scaling too. She enjoyed herself!

Dental appointment ended within 30mins and we had 1 hour to kill before picking Clara, so went to JP. Bought 2 lightweight umbrellas for our trip and did grocery shopping.

Went out with Natalie and Nancy after school!

First stop was lunch at Yin Ji cos both Nancy and I really missed the food there, haha!

Brought the kids to Singapore Philatelic Museum after lunch. The girls had lots of fun there playing with the exhibits!

Hopped over to the Peranakan Museum after that. The kids were more interested in getting their activity sheets stamped than anything, lol.

Went to HBF after that where Clara napped for the next hour, haha. Had Yakun!

Had dinner then let the kids go crazy at Vivo playground before going home. What a long and tiring day!

4 Jun 2018 (Mon) - Home the whole day today except for sending Clara to school.

Cooked lemon chicken with rose today. Love the way the sauce caramelized on the chicken; the kids love it!