Sunday, June 18, 2017

PJ#529 - 12th to 18th June 2017

About the kids:

Clara is really vain. She would often take C's kiddy manicure set and paint her or our nails, and likes to look at pretty dresses. When she sees shoes that she likes, she would also stop and want to try or buy. Oh, and she also likes to accessorize herself, haha.

This week, I started timing C again for her meals, but this time, I put a timer in front of her. Hopefully this will help her to speed up her eating faster than 30mins since she will be going to P1 next year and the recess time is very pathetic.

18 Jun 2017 (Sun) - It's Fathers' Day today!

Went to church in the morning and the kids made simple Fathers' Day crafts in class.

Went to Sim Lim after church for a super short while and then to Vivocity. On the way, we passed by River Valley Road and decided to make an impromptu detour to 38 Oxley Road, aka LKY house, haha. The recent family dispute has stirred up the kaypo side of me and thus wanted to see how it looked. looked really well hidden.

Had Fathers' Day lunch at Ichiban (AGAIN!!!!!!!!). C ordered a kids meal cos she wanted the toy, lol.

Collected her Kids Club membership card and the kids had fun at the free outdoor carnival. They rode on the carousel, flying swing and pirate ship. Both like the pirate ship the most; they went on it twice!

Went to HBF after that to shop around before having dinner.

17 Jun 2017 (Sat) - Clara is 2 years 5 months old today!

Stayed home most parts of the day and cooked salmon miso soup for lunch.

Went to Warehouse Club for dinner and the kids had fun at Decathlon again!

16 Jun 2017 (Fri) - Went to JP with Mdm Yik in the afternoon. The kids bought new books (again) and we bought a small cake for Fathers' Day.

Back at home, C drew something for me for belated Mothers' Day, wahahhahaha!

15 Jun 2017 (Thurs) - Playdate with C's friend, Xandria, today.

Went to Plaza Sing for lunch at Ichiban. Jazry's son Xander was so nice to Clara. He ordered a kid's set cos Clara wanted one and gave her his fries and Yakult cos she wanted them. He even let her choose the toy that came with the meal! Haiz, I am sure C wouldn't be so nice to her sister lor. If she were half as nice to Clara, I am sure the house will be a very peaceful place, lol.

Made our way to the National Museum after that and Xander looked after Clara the whole time! It's Children's Season at the museums and the kids had fun drawing, fixing puzzles and walking though the beautiful glass rotunda, which is very dark but with visual light images of the forest and animals. There was even a sleeping giant for the kids to draw on, how cool!

Had dinner at PS again before going home.

14 Jun 2017 (Wed) - Out with HS today. Went to United Square to watch Hi-5 which has a brand new cast.

Went to Mount A after that to buy Duolac for Clara at Dr Colin's clinic.

Had initially planned to bring the kids to watch Barney at OneKM Mall, but both girls didn't want to watch Barney. We decided to go to Vivo instead. Had a very early dinner and brought the kids to the outdoor play area where they went crazy!

13 Jun 2017 (Tues) - Went JB with ML and Wayne today. Went to KSL first for lunch at Sushi King. Really don't like the food there, but the kids wanted udon.

Both of us completed what we intended to do - buy supplements and medicine. The supplements there are so much cheaper, wahahhahahaha! Did pedi also and Clara stayed with me, looking intently at the process and "helping" me to choose a colour, lol.

She also wanted to ride on a car, so she did. All by herself without remote control, haha!

Went to AEON after that for more shopping and the kids played at the arcade. Love shopping at Padini; the kids clothing are so nice and cheap.

Had dinner at this "Johnny's Restaurant". Food is a tad salty though the glass noodles are really scrumptious. Won't be back again.

12 Jun 2017 (Mon) - Lunch at home today. Their favorite steamed chicken and broccoli with bunashimeiji mushrooms and black fungus.

Went to Big Box with Mdm Yik in the afternoon to check out dining tables, then brought the girls to JEM. They were very happy cos they bought new books from Kino again, lol. While C took a good half an hour to choose a book, Clara took only a minute, lol. She was happy to just look at the books and put them back. It was only when she saw her favourite title "Rapunzel" that she said she wanted to buy. I gave her some money and she went to make payment, lol. With prompting, she loudly said, "Thank you! Bye bye!" to the cashier.

The girls were on a bus kiddy ride when a little boy climbed on. There was an empty seat in the bus next to Clara and she immediately put a leg on the seat to stop the boy from squeezing over.

Once again, it struck me how different the girls are. Given the same situation at the book store, C would just mumble a very very low and hardly audible "Thank you". And on the bus, she would just let the other party squeeze in with little resistance cos she is afraid. On the other hand, Clara is more defensive, probably cos she is well-trained by her sister, wahahhahahaha!

Food wise, Clara loves black fungus while C doesn't, lol.