Thursday, September 14, 2017

PJ#542 - 11th to 17th September 2017

About the kids:

Teachers have started toilet training Clara at school this week.

Clara is really nice to C.

Me: Clara, can I give the UD house to W?

Clara (thinking I was referring to her sister's set): No, cannot! That belongs to jie jie, she will cry.

Me: Do you have one (I was planning to give her brand new set to W)?

Clara: No, daddy didn't buy it for me (wahahahaha also don't know why she thought it was bought by her dad when it was given to us free)

Me: Did jie jie share her UD house with you?
Clara: No
Me: Do you like it?
Clara: Yes
Me: So... can I give it to W?
Clara: NO. Jie jie will cry!

15 - 17 Sep 2017 (Fri to Sun) - Royal Caribbean cruise. Mariner of the Seas. Will blog separately!

14 Sep 2017 (Thurs) - Didn't go over to the Low Clan's today. Spent the day at home and completed packing for the trip tomorrow.

Went to JP for dinner and bought the kids a Happy Meal each (they already had their dinner at home) cos they wanted the "Barbie the Ballerina" book.

13 Sep 2017 (Wed) - Sent the kids over to the Low Clan's in the afternoon and went for acupuncture. A relatively peaceful day as C was quite well-behaved the whole day.

12 Sep 2017 (Tues) - Brought C for her first art class today at Frontier CC. While she was at class, I took the liberty to have a nice and peaceful dinner at JP with her dad. I really like the congee at Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant.

11 Sep 2017 (Mon) - Back to school today! Thankfully both kids woke up in relatively good moods, haha. Spent the day at home and sent C for her Chinese class in the evening before going to JP for dinner.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

PJ#541 - 4th to 10th September 2017

About the kids:

Clara is getting better at expressing her toileting needs on time! She has started to inform me of her toileting needs even when we are outside. She is also able to hold her bladder long enough to go to the toilet. Super happy!

I am now making C work on some homework everyday. She has completed all her assessment books, so I am currently setting my own Math questions for her. Its just 3-4 questions each on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Daily practice to ensure that she doesn't forget the techniques and concepts.

The girls are allowed to bathe together these days, especially when its just rinsing. They enjoy it a lot as they get to spray water at each other, haha. We do not help them. I suppose this is one of the things they can do when they are young, so....we let them be, haha.

Something amusing happened during the week when C came to me and asked me to take a piece of tissue paper. She said there was a bug outside and can I go and catch it? I said No, and asked her to catch the bug herself. She took two pieces of tissue paper and gave it to Clara, asking her sister to go catch the bug. Clara did!

Clara also doesn't hesitate when it comes to stamping on ants, lol.

10 Sep 2017 (Sun) - Church in the morning!

Gave away the rocking moose today. Asked Clara to sit on it one last time, haha.

9 Sep 2017 (Sat) - It's our 10th ROM Anniversary today! 10 years since saying "I do". Can't believe we have been married for so long, lol. As usual, we didn't have a big celebration like the way we do for 11 Nov, but this year we spent the day in an interesting way - karaoke. With the kids, wahahahhaha!

Went to Manekineko at Cineleisure for a 3-hour singing session which includes a buffet lunch. It's been so long since we went KTV! The kids were shy to sing at first, but they slowly warmed up, especially Clara, who sang loudly "Let it go", waahahhahaha!

Our session ended at 3pm and after collecting my prize of $20 voucher at Clarke Quay Central, went for acupuncture back at Jurong. The kids were sleeping in the car and joined me when they woke up.

Made our way to JEM for dinner and C said she wanted to eat at Xin Wang Cafe, so we did. I am glad they like the same papaya noodle soup that I do, except that theirs is fish and mine is pork chop.

8 Sep 2017 (Fri) - Playdate with XY today. Had lunch at Saizeriya (City Square Mall) and brought the kids to watch Shimmer and Shine again. Bought Clara a sling bag and coin pouch, C a pencil case and wallet, and XY the same pencil case. All Shimmer and Shine merchandise, lol. They removed the tags and used on the spot, lol.

Had Mcdonald's for tea break and the kids each had a Happy Meal. After that, we brought them to the activity stations where they had glitter tattoos, stickers, did colouring and dressed up as genies.

As I only had one ticket for the train ride and C said she would let Clara have it, only XY and Clara rode on the train. C changed her mind at the last minute and was very unhappy that she was left out. I did not buy an additional ticket ($6!) for her as I feel she should learn to make good on her word and acknowledge her feelings.

Left City Square Mall at 6.30pm! Headed back to Jurong Point and hopped over to Frontier CC where we signed the two older girls for an art class that will commence next Tuesday. Back to JP for dinner at Legendary Hong Kong.

7 Sep 2017 (Thurs) - Went out with Meiling and Wayne today. Went to United Square Mall to watch The Jungle Book live show and it was very good though Clara didn't fancy much. She probably didn't like the animals, lol.

She was also probably tired, and had a meltdown when I refused to carry her. When she finally calmed down, the kids ate Mcdonalds' for their tea break. All three kids had a Happy Meal each. Both girls ate nuggets, fries and drank hot milo. Clara finished her corn cup too.

Made our way to Vivo after that. So thankful Clara fell asleep in the car and continued to sleep in the stroller cos I enjoyed some peaceful time shopping for fruits at Cold Storage and bought stuff at Daiso before having dinner.

6 Sep 2017 (Wed) - Spent the first half of the day at home and made C do some homework. Brought the girls out at 4pm as I wanted to do acupuncture. They waited 1 hour for me, lol. Xy and her mom also came as they wanted to consult the physician too. Went to JP after that for Ya Kun and Clara dozed off, haha.

Waited for him to knock off and had dinner before going home.

5 Sep 2017 (Tues) - Brought the girls to City Square Mall today to watch Shimmer and Shine live show! We had lunch at Lai Lai first in order to chalk up $50 to redeem a Meet-and-Greet pass.

The kids were very excited and were all singing and dancing to the music, including Clara.

The kids got onto a mobile bus promoting "Universal Design" and each received a big metal box that contained a craft kit. It's pretty cool!

Super tired after one afternoon, lol. Sent Xy and J home and the three of us went to JEM for dinner and to wait for their dad to knock off. Very tired. Old already, lol.

4 Sep 2017 (Mon) - It's school holidays this week, so there is no school for the kids. Spent most parts of the day at home, only going out in the evening to send C to her Chinese class. Bought a pair of shoes each for the girls.